Arches National Park


Moab Utah is an interesting little town. There seems to be a bike shop on every corner and on the corners that don't have bike shops there are jeep or ATV rentals. This is all quite appropriate as the area is well worth exploring any way you can. At the grocery store I chatted with a guy who was filling water bottles and traveling by bike. He had been bike packing in the Moab area for the past couple of weeks. He said that you get used to the 100 degree heat but I am finding that I appreciate air conditioning more than ever. This morning we arrived at the entrance of Arches National Park by about 9:30 and fell in place behind many other cars waiting to get in.

Nana and Harper the Doodle Dog

The lines apparently form early, and of course it was Saturday morning at the beginning of the 4th of July week when many people are on vacation, but soon I was handing over our Senior Pass (free admission to all national parks) and were on our way up the first series of switchbacks and hairpin turns. (I have often wondered if the youth of today know what a hairpin is..) The scenery here is like nothing we have seen to date. It is like being on the moon, sure we came to see the Arches but the surrounding landscape with the rugged cliffs and towering rock piles and spires is just unbelievable.

Everywhere you look there is something new

Up on the rocks, photo by a stranger

The views are totally different in every direction and as you drive through the park the geographic and geology are constantly changing. We hiked a few places and climbed over many a rock formation in the searing heat, but you gotta do it, we are here! Of course we were not alone but the park is big and people had spread out so it never really felt crowded. People are nice offering to take your picture and we offered too, everyone wants photo in front of this rock or that rock and everyone is ready to accommodate.

This is what we came for, arches!

We met people in other RVs and people in cars and people on motorcycles. The people on motorcycled were either really sunburned or completely covered in long was hot and not very many clouds in the sky. We spent most of the day exploring before heading back down the road to the entrance and finally the visitor center/museum. Here we learned a lot and filled a shopping bag as well.

Just amazing

Back in town it was groceries and supper. We at Mexican at a local little place and it was awesome as all Mexican food is. Soon we were back in camp, water and electric hooked up, air-conditioning on and settled in for the evening, chatting and blogging and fighting those darned mosquitos.

Ah food, and hot sauce!

After today we begin our trek north towear Portland Oregon and our son Jason, we figure four days to get there in a not too fast pace, and have no reservations or plans other than to see what we can see along the way. I have no idea if or when we will get a wifi connection so posts may be sparse or at least intermittent. So for now, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy.